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Genomic Testing

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genetic testing for Pediatric AML

Genomic testing can reveal specific genetic alterations that may be driving a patient’s AML -- and may be targetable with drugs (or biologics) not previously considered. It is more sensitive than today’s standard cytogenetic testing. Genomic reports can help your oncologist provide a more accurate diagnosis, risk assignment, and prognosis. It can also uncover potential new treatment options and corresponding clinical trials. Lastly, genomic testing enables more precise, molecular-level disease monitoring. These “PCR tests” can validate deep remission status or detect relapse earlier than today’s standard MRD detection methods – FISH and flow cytometry.

The Target Pediatric AML initiative seeks to fund cutting-edge, genomic testing to EVERY AML patient treated at Children’s Oncology Group institutions, NOW, as it’s not normally covered by insurance or other payors. While the TpAML/COG teams are mobilizing a funded trial, your family can seek genomic testing, independently, TODAY. The COG Myeloid Disease Committee supports genomic testing for every child with AML – but, speak with your oncologist to determine if it’s right for your child’s situation, and decide together. It should be noted that genomic testing may not reveal targetable mutations or alterations, and, your family may have to fund the test out-of-pocket (though a patient assistance program is available).

FoundationOne Heme (F1H) is the preferred genomics provider of many high-profile organizations, including the Children’s Oncology Group. COG has validated the accuracy of the F1H test for pediatric AML, specifically. COG also works in close partnership with F1H, continuously, to drive testing refinements. By selecting a primary genomics provider, COG can also pool patient genomic data in a central location, which is critical for research purposes. Siloed genomics data, collected and stored at individual institutions, does little to advance discoveries in pediatric AML – this is why a centralized genomics provider is key to speeding progress.



If your family and oncologist wish to seek genomic testing, right now, for your child, please reference the following links

FoundationOne Heme website:

For Patients:  Patient Brochure (brochure is solid tumor-focused, but applies to leukemia)
FoundationAccess Patient Financial Assistance Application: Patient Access / Support Services

For Your Oncologist/Provider:  Order Now

Information on the Pediatric Data Portal, where all patient genomic data is pooled in a central location, available for publicly for research:

Example of Genomic Testing Results

Genetic Testing Disclosure

Disclosure: Children’s Oncology Group is not compensated by FoundationOne Medicine.



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