Target Pediatric AML
Together We Can Fund the Cure


How You can help


You can help the TpAML effort in a number of ways:

1. LIKE and SHARE TpAML postings on social media – help us spread the word.

2. Fundraise or contribute to the TpAML Fund or to a partner foundation.

3. Encourage the foundation or organization you love and support to join TpAML.

4. At-home research – help us identify foundations and families who might be inspired to participate

5. Social media article contributions – write or forward articles, stories, blogs, etc. that can be shared on TpAML.

6. Social media consulting/assistance – help us build and improve our social media presence to expand our reach

7. Graphic arts – for logos, t-shirts, social media profiles, printed materials, etc.

8. Outreach – contacting or connecting us to foundations/families to educate and encourage them to get involved

9. Make a suggestion – contact us to brainstorm ideas on how you or your organization can help.

Contact Julie Guillot or Michael Copley if you, your foundation or organization would like to get involved. We have no “pride of ownership” and welcome ALL input and suggestions…take some tasks, join our team?

We have one, simple mission – to get this project funded. We welcome your help or leadership in any capacity.