Target Pediatric AML
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where did target pediatric aml come from?


a grassroots effort to get something big done

TpAML is a grassroots collaboration -- not a foundation. It’s a PROJECT started by two pediatric AML families on a mission. Inspired by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s “Beat AML” campaign (and upset that kids were excluded from the trials yet targeted in fundraising), the Guillot and Copley families teamed with Children’s Oncology Group to identify and promote the “highest potential, greatest need” AML-related research to benefit kids, and “beat AML” for everyone.

Jumpstarting TpAML with the COG

It all started with childhood aml families

In late 2015, the Children’s Oncology Group’s (COG’s) Myeloid Disease Committee was approached by two childhood AML families interested in funding and championing the most promising, high-impact AML research project, regardless of size and scope. These families asked COG to identify the “highest potential and greatest need” strategic research project that could benefit young AML patients AND that top researchers and clinicians could support as highest priority.



"How can we create long term change through a movement?"

Inspired by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s multimillion-dollar “Beat AML” campaign, currently focused on older adults (age 60+), they posed the following questions to the COG AML Committee:

“What is the “beat AML” project for pediatric AML? If you could get one, highly strategic research project completed, what would it be?”….that project is what we are now calling “Target Pediatric AML”.

COG's support for TpAML

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The Result? Target pediatric aml

So, “Target Pediatric AML” was launched in the spring of 2016, and received its first gift in July of 2016. The Copley and Guillot families have personally supported this effort in a significant way, and are working to spread the word -- encouraging friends, families, foundations and organizations nationwide (who are specifically inspired to help young AML patients) to join this large-scale, collaborative effort.

TpAML is NOT A FOUNDATION, but rather, a COLLABORATION of friends, families, foundations and organizations – worldwide -- who are interested in improving outcomes for young people fighting AML and biphenotypic leukemia. TpAML funds have been established at multiple institutions/foundations, with the goal of pooling resources to get a high-potential, large-scale study of pediatric AML completed.